Veronika Merkova

Veronika is a third year photojournalism student. Her projects are focused on social and environmental matters and she recently done a piece on how Brexit is affecting Greek's living in Wales.


SC Cook

SC is a freelance writer and photographer. His work has included two photo-feature pieces on poverty, Brexit and the bedroom tax and a photo-feature on homelessness in Cardiff.


voice.wales is a new radical media platform in Wales.

We are in the midst of a social and political crisis, yet our media rarely reflects this.

Extreme poverty levels in Wales are soaring. Many post-industrial and rural areas are being left to rot under a wave of cuts to welfare, housing and local services. The latest Welsh budget means that this situation will only get worse, with several councils warning that they cannot cope with more cuts. Wales has been particularly hit by almost a decade of falling Wages.

In our biggest cities, inequality and homelessness is rising while more and more money is being poured into luxury accommodation and private office space. And like elsewhere, the issue of climate change and air pollution is now impossible to ignore.

Racism, and particularly Islamophobia, is a major social problem. The EU referendum saw politicians trying to blame migrants and refugees for a lack of housing and shortages in public services.

All of this has made Welsh society more volatile, with many people feeling that the political establishment in Cardiff Bay is unable to meet the scale of the challenge.

These issues and others are not being sufficiently addressed by the Welsh media. We believe we need a new media platform that scrutinises Welsh society and politics in a way that does justice to the millions of people who are dissatisfied with the current situation. We want to put ordinary people at the heart of this project, combining in-depth interviews with investigation and documentary photography.

We are entirely self-funded but hope to develop a funding model in the future where we hope readers will make a small contribution to this project.

In the meantime, if you want any more information or to get involved please get in touch at walesvoice@gmail.com  

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